Glue Pull Large Rail Dent, Shreveport Louisiana

Learn Glue Pull Dent Removal on Rail of this 2016 Toyota Camry that was beat to Hail in April 2018 in Shreveport LA,

Shreveport, Louisiana    Hail Storm April 2018

This Toyota Camry recieved thousands of dents from a hail storm in Shreveport Louisiana in April of 2018, This vehicle was returned to pre-storm condition by Michael Bocek out of Springfield, IL All painted surfaces were returned to pre-storm condition plus a few door dings removed from the vehicle. All chrome molding on the vehicle were replaced with new factory moldings and the windshield was also replaced.


After image of Large dent in camry in Shreveport, LA After dent removal preformed
After image of Large dent in camry in Shreveport, LA After dent removal preformed

The factory finish on the vehicle was maintained and this also maintains the value of the vehicle. If you have a hail damaged vehicle in Shreveport, please go to and Schedule your vehicle.

Thanks for watching and hopefully you learned a little about glue pulling if you are a tech, and if you are a customer that is wanting to attempt this on your own vehicle, be assured you will mess your vehicle up. Thanks! Michael Bocek

Hail Repair-Dent Repair-Shreveport- Louisiana

Hail-Shreveport auto hail repair

April 6, 2018 Hail storm hit Shreveport and surround areas leaving thousands of vehicles damaged. came into the area to help restore vehicles to their pre-storm condition.

Here is a hail storm map of the size and areas around the city that were affected.
Hail Map

Michael Bocek from Springfield, IL and his partner did a repair on a Ford Escape with thousands of dents in the roof, these dents were removed one at a time with surgical precision.  Maintaining the factory roof and factory paint is very important to the vehicle owners, it maintains the value of the vehicle and it the least aggressive repair that can be done to a vehicle.

Here is a more detailed map of the hail damage.   Detailed Map

To schedule your automotive hail damage repair you can go to Auto & RV Collision Center in Bossier City 

Auto Hail Repair Shreveport

how to file a auto insurance hail claim Shreveport LA



STEP 1: Make an Insurance Claim

Contact your insurance agent. Make a claim on your vehicle and schedule a time for an inspection by an adjuster. You may be required to go to a site that is set up by your insurance company or to a shop to get your estimate done, this is generally a basic estimate and not very accurate.  However rest assured we will thoroughly go over your vehicle after you drop it off for the repair and make sure all repairs are done.

Onsite inspections at our facility are recommended because we are equipped with specialized lighting and we are experienced with claims adjusters. You can request the claim adjuster inspect your vehicle at our facility ensuring a more accurate inspection and eliminating cause for re inspections and repair delays.

STEP 2: Schedule the Repair with our shop. 

You can simply hit the call now button on the bottom of the screen or if you are on a desktop you can give us a call at  318-675-9699

STEP 3: The Repair Shop Process

Show up at our shop on your scheduled day and we will handle all of the details. We are customer friendly and understand your concerns and needs. We promise to answer any questions you ask clearly and quickly and keep you well informed.

Once you have scheduled a repair date, we will order the replacement trim moldings if needed and any other parts that will be needed to complete the repair. If your car needs the windshield or any glass replaced we have offer on site replacement. Provided that the insurance appraisal is complete and accurate we can begin disassembling your vehicle for repair. Once we have began the dent removal process we will begin the process of quality control. Nothing gets reassembled until we inspect the surface finish quality to be correct and the underside protective e-coat has been applied. If your vehicle has a clear-bra installed and the damage requires us to remove the protective film we have specialist assist us in the removal and installation of the new film. After reassembly of your vehicle we review the fit and finish and functionality of all your cars components.. Upon delivery we will review your car with you and answer any questions you may have. Finalize any paperwork including the notification of completed repair to any lien holders if needed.

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